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Happy Mothers Day

Wishing Drew and all of the other wonderful mothers out there a fabulous Mothers Day!

All New Look!

We have an all new look on both the main site and the gallery thanks to Claudia from Never Enough Designs.

All New Designs!

Thanks to the talent of my friend Claudia at Never Enough Design we have all new looks both here at the main site and also at the gallery! The themes are gorgeous!

Drew Barrymore Online is back

I am so excited to bring Drew Barrymore Online back! I love this site and have missed working on our beautiful Drew! So stay tuned for me to get it all up to date.

Welcome to Drew Barrymore Online!

Welcome to Drew Barrymore Online! I am so excited to be able to launch this site so that you can enjoy it along with me. I have been a fan of Drew since the mid 1990’s and have loved watching her career grow along with her as a person. I hope you will enjoy the site as we come to share all the news on Drew’s career with you here! Be sure to follow us on Twitter.

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