January 11, 2018
Drew & her Daughters Adopt Three Kittens

One of the things I have always loved about Drew is her love for animals! She took her daughters to adopt a cat and came home with three!

And you have to check out her other related instagram post!

March 02, 2016
Drew Barrymore Says Her Daughters Are the ‘Greatest Things in the World’

Drew Barrymore loves her little girls more than anything, but work is a huge part of her world, too.

“They are the greatest things in the world​,” Barrymore, 41, told PEOPLE at the Pokémon Afternoon Soiree Saturday in Los Angeles.

“They’re super excited. I go to a business conference, they’re like, ‘Oh wow, Mom’s at work.’ This is much more exciting.​”

The actress and founder of Flower Beauty cosmetics, who shares two daughters — Olive, 3, and Frankie, 22 months — ​with husband Will Kopelman, explains that even though motherhood has always been her main priority, getting back to work is on her mind.

​”I really challenge myself by putting work second​,” Barrymore says. “​​I’m not the mom who is working all the time and then worried about the time I spend with my kids. I’m actually at the point where I’m spending so much time with my kids, I’m worried about my work life.”

She adds, “That feels like at least a better guilt.”​


December 11, 2015
Drew Barrymore Unveils Her 2015 Personalized Holiday Card

Looks like Drew Barrymore and her daughters have officially embraced the spirit of the season.

With the holidays right around the corner, the actress and Wildflower author, 40, has created a personalized holiday card this year via Shutterfly – and PEOPLE has the exclusive first look.

The festive card captures Barrymore’s free-spirited nature and devotion to daughters Olive, 3, and Frankie, 1. In one photo she is seen handing Olive a bouquet of wildflowers, while in the other she lies in the grass and laughs with Frankie.

The Miss You Already star keeps her look natural in the images, wearing a cream dress with little makeup and letting her long hair hang loose around her face.

To keep with the theme, the word “Joy” is spelled out with twigs and holly leaves, along with a small banner to mark the year.

In the far right corner, the card reads “Happy Holidays” and the actress simply signs it “love Drew.”

Along with her holiday cards, Barrymore also curated her own collection of personalized holiday gifts with Shutterfly. From ornaments to pillows and candles, the actress has selected her favorite items to give to those who matter most.


December 11, 2015
Drew Barrymore Reveals the Presents She’s Giving Her Daughters This Holiday Season

Drew shares with InStyle what she is giving her girls for the holidays!

We’re sure Drew Barrymore knows exactly how to ring in the holidays with panache, but that doesn’t mean the actress, author, and mother of two celebrates the season with nonstop glitz and glamour. In fact, as she revealed Thursday night inside ACRIA’s 20th anniversary holiday dinner in New York, her family’s traditions are quite rudimentary.

“We open presents with all the kids, the cousins,” she told reporters at the event, which raised money for the HIV and AIDS research and education foundation through a silent auction.

“We go where it’s cold. It’s a big long family tradition, so everybody’s skiing. I’m not,” said actress—who is a parent to two daughters, Olive, 3, and Frankie, 1, along with husband Will Kopelman. “Actually, I’m hoping Uncle Harry will teach Olive this year. We [Barrymore and her sister-in-law Jill Kargman] are doing Zumba while everyone else is skiing.”

As for finding the right holiday gifts for the kids this year, the Flower Beauty founder is not stressed. So what items from their wish lists can the toddlers expect to receive? “They just want princess dresses,” Barrymore told InStyle. “I just got Olive a cash register for Hanukkah. And Frankie, a doctor’s kit. So I don’t know what they’re getting for Christmas yet. I really leave it till the last minute.”

November 13, 2015
“I Feel Like I Was Born the Day My Kids Were”

Drew Barrymore’s wild child days are long gone, but being a mom is way more fun anyway!

“I just love having a family,” the 40-year-old mother of two told E! News exclusively at the launch of her curated holiday collection for Shutterfly. “I love my kids—I feel so blessed. I feel like I’ve never been better as a person [than I am] through my family.”

Drew and husband Will Kopelman are the proud parents of two little girls: Olive, 3, and Frankie, 19 months. The actress, entrepreneur and DIY mama realizes she’s lucky to have a fantastic extended family, too, telling E! News, “I love my in-laws. It’s like I’m defying the clichés because we’re all so close.”

That’s not to say, though, that life is always picture-perfect for this settled-down gal. Drew recently opened up about her struggle with postpartum depression. “I wasn’t really trying to sort of over-open myself up to anything, but I was just being honest about what my own little journey was,” she told E! News exclusively. “The outpour[ing] of women coming up to me and relating was really extraordinary.”

Motherhood “is en emotional roller coaster,” Drew explained. “You just care so much about how to be the best mom, the perfect mom—even though there’s no such thing as perfection, you expect that of yourself.”

Of course, any hardships that come with being a parent are well worth it for Drew. “Being a mom is everything in the world,” she said. “I feel like I was born the day my kids were, and everything in life was like an experiment to learn to apply to them.”

Drew opens up a lot more about the highs and lows of motherhood, marriage and what she’s getting Olive and Frankie for the holidays in the video above.


October 16, 2015
Drew Barrymore Says Relationship With Husband Will Kopelman ‘Was Never Really Love at First Sight’

Entertainment Tonight shared some excerpts from her InStyle interview. She talks about her husband Will and her new book Wildflower.

Love usually doesn’t happen like it does in fairy tales.

Drew Barrymore opened up about her husband, Will Kopelman, for InStyle magazine’s November issue recently, where the 40-year-old revealed that she didn’t realize he was “the one” right away.

“It was never really love at first sight,” Barrymore admitted. “Will struck a lot of my pragmatic sides. He was someone who was always reachable on the phone, someone who was a classy human being, someone who had this incredible blueprint of a family that I don’t have.”

“At the same time, what I love about him is that he embodies the power of choice,” she continued. “He chooses to be a good person every day.”

Barrymore, who married Kopelman in June 2012, also revealed their struggles saying, ”We’ve made many compromises and concessions, but when it comes to how we deliver likes and dislikes, we’re polar opposites. It’s still really hard.”

On the subject of love, the actress’ new memoir, Wildflower, intentionally avoids talking about Barrymore’s past relationships. She says this is out of respect for her and Kopelman’s daughters, 3-year-old Olive and 1-year-old Frankie.

“I felt it was inappropriate to discuss relationships and encounters I have had with another person,” Barrymore said. “I consciously chose not to include those. I want this book to be a love letter to my daughters, Frankie and Olive. They don’t need to know about my sex life.”

May 10, 2015
Happy Mothers Day

Wishing Drew and all of the other wonderful mothers out there a fabulous Mothers Day!

April 28, 2015
Drew Barrymore Looks Sweeter Than Ever While Gushing Over Her Kids

E!Online interviewed Drew at Kids Safe Day where Drew talked about Safe Kids and about Frankie’s first birthday.

Drew Barrymore loves being a mom times two.

“I just think it’s even better!” the 40-year-old beauty gushed to E! News in Los Angeles on Sunday at an event benefitting Safe Kids Worldwide when asked how parenting is different now that she has two kids. “Your heart just grows bigger. And you worry, ‘Oh gosh how am I going to split my love?’ And there’s just so much to give it’s not a worry.”

The actress welcomed daughter Frankie, her second child with husband Will Kopelman just over one year ago. The happy couple is also parents to three-year-old daughter Olive.

“Safe Kids has really changed my life in the way that I have information that is crucial to keeping my kids safe,” Barrymore revealed, sharing her support for the organization. “Whether it’s ‘When do you change the car seat to rear facing to front facing? Or you don’t leave the pan handle where your kid can grab it, you never take your eyes off your kid in the bathtub’ and these are not things that I think girlfriends are not always chatting about.”

She added: I think it’s so important to know everything and then the fun ensues. Worry without knowledge is bad worry.”

Most recently, Barrymore celebrated her youngest child’s first birthday with a party at the family’s Los Angeles home. “We actually had a party for her because funny enough, for all the kids’ birthdays we were always traveling…so this one was actually at home and it felt very traditional,” the doting mama shared “This year I did the Magnolia Bakery cupcakes and we got the “Let’s be Frank” hot dog trunk and put an ‘i-e’ at the end for “let’s be Frankie.”

Birthday parties aside, Barrymore also expressed her excitement for the birth of Kate Middleton’s second child and couldn’t help but share her admiration for the duchess.

“I love Kate Middleton, too, by the way,” she gushed before she was asked to share any parenting tips. “She’s so full of grace I’m sure she will be absolutely fine.”