August 24, 2019
New Design at ‘Drew Barrymore Fan’

I’ve put a new design up at Drew Barrymore Fan. I hope you guys love it as much as I do. The new design is in honor of the fansite being online for 1 year (next week!). This fansite was always a dream fansite for me. It was the one fansite I always wanted to make but was always too intimated or overwhelmed at the thought of it.. until I finally got the guts to just make it.

I have been working tons on the photo gallery which now features over 100,000 photos! I added so many this past week. I still have to tidy up all the new albums but you can still see the photos. I have soooo many more photos to sort through and add so be sure to keep checking back and following us on twitter for exclusive news and updates.

Thanks so much for this past great year and for taking the time to visit my fansite. x

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