September 12, 2016
Drew Barrymore’s New Home Line Is the Prettiest Thing You’ll See All Day

People did a feature on Drew’s new home line.

At Drew Barrymore’s house, it’s all about ease.

“I’m happiest when my home is filled with family and friends. And I want it to be comfortable and inviting for them,” she tells PEOPLE. “There’s nothing more awkward then walking into someone’s house, looking around and not being sure where it’s safe to sit.”

So it should come as no surprise that when decor-lover Drew thought about designing some accent pieces of her own, she went for a style that is breezy, beautiful and far from stuck-up. PEOPLE can exclusively announce that the actress is debuting Drew Barrymore’s Home Decor Collection with personalization site Shutterfly today. The collection, which includes an array of bedding, artwork, paperweights, pillows, shower curtains and more is filled with gorgeous pieces that embody Drew’s boho outlook.

This new venture is far from the actress’s first foray into design. It joins a roster of product lines including Flower Beauty, Flower Eyewear and Barrymore Wines. “I’m so lucky that I get to work in such a wide-array of design arenas every day,” Barrymore says. “It’s so energizing.”

While the design process was a team effort — “Like I always say, you can never do anything in life alone” — there were a few doses of inspiration that Barrymore took directly from her own home, including hints of gold, geometric patterns and soft shades.

“I found this piece of fabric at the Rose Bowl that really inspired me, and ultimately, ended up setting the entire tone for my room,” she says. “You can really see this in the bedding collection — I was able to take that original inspiration pattern and tweak the colors, lines and shapes to design something that is hopefully attractive and fun.”

When it comes to decorating her own spaces, Barrymore’s mantra might just be patience makes perfect.

“You have to buy and decorate from different places over time, which takes patience,” she says. “But it’s so worth it when you eventually walk through a room, and the time that it took to create it disappears, and you have that Oprah ‘aha’ moment, and it has all come together.”

Barrymore might be a master of design now, but like any of us, she’s embraced a few trends that have passed their prime — including one ‘70s flashback the actress is trying to resurface.

“Shag carpet,” she says. “But the funny thing is I’m desperately trying to find a room in my house that I can bring it back!”

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