December 11, 2015
Drew Barrymore Unveils Her 2015 Personalized Holiday Card

Looks like Drew Barrymore and her daughters have officially embraced the spirit of the season.

With the holidays right around the corner, the actress and Wildflower author, 40, has created a personalized holiday card this year via Shutterfly – and PEOPLE has the exclusive first look.

The festive card captures Barrymore’s free-spirited nature and devotion to daughters Olive, 3, and Frankie, 1. In one photo she is seen handing Olive a bouquet of wildflowers, while in the other she lies in the grass and laughs with Frankie.

The Miss You Already star keeps her look natural in the images, wearing a cream dress with little makeup and letting her long hair hang loose around her face.

To keep with the theme, the word “Joy” is spelled out with twigs and holly leaves, along with a small banner to mark the year.

In the far right corner, the card reads “Happy Holidays” and the actress simply signs it “love Drew.”

Along with her holiday cards, Barrymore also curated her own collection of personalized holiday gifts with Shutterfly. From ornaments to pillows and candles, the actress has selected her favorite items to give to those who matter most.


One Comment to 'Drew Barrymore Unveils Her 2015 Personalized Holiday Card'

  • Erin says:

    I met Drew at a hotel, I have two young children and I guess we were approved for her to come down to the garage as her people were on our elevator and when she saw my 3(now 4) month old she just melted and pointed my daughter out to a guy who I recognized and who said “yeah I knew you would like her” Drew was the most amazing celebrity, she thanked ME for HER holding my daughters hand and let me take a pic with her which I REFUSE to post anywhere. She gave me and eventually my daughter something I could never have imagined experiencing. She is beautiful and kind and she may not give two cares in the world about me and my daughter BUT in that moment, in that valet bay whether she was distracting me from her car pulling up before mine or not she GENUINELY cares about HER children and spoke with such care and fondness and said she missed them. She showed me a pic, and my hubs, and sang Paw Patrol to my son because he was that for Halloween and I asked about Halloween. She is beauty and kindness and I just want to be able to send the photo she allowed me to take of her and my daughter to her, because I know that it was such a special moment for me as she is so special to me for reasons I can’t get into now but meeting her fulfilled a lifelong dream. If someone could tell me where I could send a pic it would be much appreciated.

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