November 05, 2014
Drew Barrymore: Why Husband Will Kopelman Makes It “Impossible to Lose My Baby Weight”

Drew talked with E!Online on why Will is making it hard for her to loose her baby weight!

Drew Barrymore is one busy lady.

The 39-year-old actress is simultaneously raising two little girls (Frankie is 6-and-a-half months old and big sis Olive is 2) as she’s running Flower Beauty, her makeup and cosmetics company, and branching out into signature fragrances. Still, Drew always does her best to make time for Will Kopelman, even though, as she joked to E! News exclusively Tuesday at the launch of her three new fragrances, her handsome hubby makes it “impossible to lose my baby weight”!

The reason? “Because he’s such an eater,” she said. “And I love food, too, so this baby weight is going to stay on for a while. It’s just not easy with him because he is such a foodie.”

“Date night,” she went on, “is always about trying a new restaurant or eating food on the couch [and] watching Top Chef—which we did last night.”

Sounds perfect! And, if you can believe it, one of Drew’s new fragrances—Sultry—”was actually meant for romance and date night.”

“We loved the idea for edibles for a man, so it has patchouly and sweet plum,” she said of this particular scent (the others are Cherished and Radiant).

“The way to a man’s heart is his stomach” she went on, “so it’s a little aphrodisiac.”

So clearly the hubby is reaping the benefits of living with the Flower Beauty guru, but what about daughters Frankie and Olive? They’re not there quite yet. “They’re still like kids, you know,” said Drew.

Her older daughter does enjoy being part of mom’s getting ready process at home, though, which is part of why Drew tries to do all her primping at casa de Kopelman.

When she does that, Olive “sits on my lap,” Drew explained, so “at least I feel like I’m getting time with her.”

When that’s not an option, though, Drew’s all about beauty on-the-go—literally! On Tuesday, she Instagrammed a picture of herself painting her nails on the subway—no shame! “I love commuter beauty,” she told E! News. “I am always on the elevator, in my rearview mirror, on the subway doing my nails and my make up—you name it…There’s just something about beauty on the move. Commuter beauty is a movement!”

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