May 22, 2014
Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore quiz each other

As all know Drew & Adam are good friends! So USA Today had the two friends quiz each other!

NEW YORK – Put two famous people in a very small, somewhat claustrophobic room together after giving them a lengthy homework assignment, and something strangely magical happens.

You learn that Drew Barrymore would love to remake Five Easy Pieces, and play the Jack Nicholson part – although she’d never actually do it because really, why mess with perfection? And that Adam Sandler knew he’d nailed a joke as a kid when he’d see his dad’s belly rolling with laughter.

While in the throes of promoting Blended, their third film together, Sandler and Barrymore sat down for a midday chat. Their film brings them together on screen, as two single parents who somehow find one another, as parents in romantic capers tend to do. And each brought questions to ask the other.

“I have questions for you, Drew. You better get them right,” announces the ordinarily press-shy Sandler.

“It’s called preparation,” he says.

Their new project is a reflection of where both actors are in real life; both are married with young daughters. “I feel capable and happy and strong. What really plays the biggest part in this is one, I’m with a really safe group of people. So that’s everything. I feel supported. Everyone is happy and good to each other. This is family. And also, my kids are healthy. That’s most important,” says Barrymore, whose daughter Olive is almost 2 and Frankie arrived on April 22.

Their careers have gone in different directions. Sandler became his own industry, releasing comedies that generate dollars, if not critical accolades. Even sitting down for this interview is a stretch for Sandler, who hasn’t done print in roughly two decades. Why? He doesn’t need to glad-hand the media, because his films make bank on their own. Case in point: 2013’s Grown Ups 2, not exactly on anyone’s top ten list, grossed $133.7 million domestically. And Sandler’s estimated lifetime box office gross according to $2.3 billion.

And Barrymore has veered away from moviemaking largely in favor of running her makeup company, Flower, and starting a family with her third husband, art consultant Will Kopelman. But here they are, Sandler on his Apple laptop, Barrymore holding an old-school list of questions on paper. So, go.

On comedy:

Barrymore: “When did you first make someone laugh as a kid? Who was it and when was it?”

Sandler: “Let’s see. I don’t remember the first one. I believe I was always trying to make my father laugh. It was the most important thing in my life as a child, making sure pops was happy. If Stan liked it, the whole house was happy. When my father laughed, he had a big hearty laugh, and it was just – it felt good, felt good. That was the man I wanted to see smile the most.”

Barrymore: “Do you have a particular memory, being in your pajamas, doing a bit for him?”

Sandler: “I know that we had a bunch of different hats in the house. I would run down the hallway and throw on a different hat and try and do an impression of somebody, or an accent, anything to make the man happy. My father was usually laying in his bed in his underwear. If he was laughing, I’d see his belly shaking.”

Barrymore: “The belly meter.”

Sandler: “The belly meter, exactly. If it was shaking for more than 20 seconds, we knew we had a good bit going.”

On maturity:

Sandler: “All right now. If the Drew Barrymore from Blended, the one we’re talking to right now, could give the Drew Barrymore from ET some advice, what would it be?”

Barrymore: “All you want to do is make you realize as a kid that it’s going to be OK. But no matter what you say, you’re still going to have to go through embarrassments, heartaches, tragedies, all these things. I would say, you have to believe and never lose sight that things will be ok. I trend to distrust that sometimes. Sorry to be heavy about it.”

On kitchen wizardry:

Sandler: “I’ve got a question for you, young lady. You do like to cook. You’re a great cook. You’ve been working hard at it. What are you going to prepare me – well, my wife will cook for me for my birthday, so the day after my birthday?”

Barrymore: “Do you like spaghetti and meatballs?”

Sandler: “That is a very good idea.”

Barrymore: “I make a very good from scratch spaghetti and meatballs. I like to keep it simple. It’s ricotta and a little bit of parsley, bread crumbs, eggs, all the normal. A little bit of ground fennel. All beef. A really good marinara sauce that’s not too acidic. A little bit of carrots and tomatoes cuts the acid. And a really nice al dente pasta. To me textures and cooking times are everything.”

Sandler: “Thank you, Drew. I’m looking forward to it.”

On manliness:

Barrymore: “If you had to fight Clint Eastwood or Charles Bronson, who would you pick?”

Sandler: “Oh, good one, man. I couldn’t do either one. I wouldn’t fight back. I love them both.”

Barrymore: “But if you had to?”

Sandler: “Eastwood, the whole fight you’re thinking, when is the baboon going to come out?”

Barrymore, referring to Eastwood’s 1978 classic Every Which Way But Loose: “It was an orangutan.”

Sandler: “That’s a rough one. I think even Charles Bronson would rather I hit him than Eastwood. We need Eastwood to make a few more movies. With my powerful punch, I think he’d go down like a sack of potatoes.”

On parenthood:

Barrymore: “When your daughters want to date and the guy picks them up at the door, what will you say to him?”

Sandler: “I don’t know. I’m very nervous about that. I don’t want that to happen. They’re eight and five and a half now and they have boy friends and even that gets me slightly nauseous. I don’t think I’m going to let them go out without me. I think I’ll go around with them for a while, make sure they’re driving safely. If he takes her to IHOP, I’ll sit in the booth next to them, watch them eat pancakes.”

Barrymore: “So you would say to the kid, I’ll see you in the next booth?”

Sandler: “Maybe I’ll say when he shows up: ‘You’re taking my daughter on a date? We’re going to have a lot of fun.'”

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